Developed with manufacturers and product designers in mind, PurThread's innovative antimicrobial fibers and yarns enhance our partners' products with unsurpassed germ-fighting capability, durability, and freshness without any production hassles, design hindrances or performance let downs.


Our award-winning technology embeds pure, natural, recycled silver salts throughout our fibers, offering powerful, durable antimicrobial protection for fabrics:

  • PurThread's silver salts have been reviewed and registered by the EPA as safe for people and the environment
  • powerfully effective at keeping fabrics fresh
  • stay-fresh fabrics = fewer cleanings = good for your customers and the environment


Even with the technology packed into each of our fibers, PurThread is as versatile as it is effective, blending invisibly into our partners' products:

  • works well with other yarns and fibers
  • dyes well in many colors
  • requires no extra steps and no special handling or equipment to manufacture
  • requires fewer cleanings, increasing product life


With silver embedded in each of our fibers, PurThread protection doesn't wear off, wash away, or weaken over time:

  • freshness properties scientifically proven to withstand the toughest tests of the harshest environments
  • stands up to peroxide and chlorine bleach
  • still fully effective after 100 industrial launderings