Antimicrobial Fabrics Front and Center at IFAI Conference and Expo in Charlotte (Specialty Fabrics Review)

PurThread Technologies antimicrobial technology is featured in a recap of the IFAI Conference and Expo, which was held in the fall of 2016 in Charlotte, NC, with significant coverage given to our technology in the industry publication, Specialty Fabrics Review.  To read more, click on the arrow in the title above, or click HERE.


Burlington and PurThread Technologies

Burlington will incorporate a new fiber technology in its upcoming protective apparel. PurThread Technologies, Inc., an antimicrobial fiber and yarn innovator, is partnering with Burlington, a global textile leader that supplies performance fabrics to markets around the world, to provide antimicrobial and anti-odor protection for use in the global healthcare, industrial and apparel markets.

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Taking Infection Prevention Beyond the Basics

Sterilized instruments, clean bedding,  gloves and masks, regular handwashing, and the isolation of highly contagious patients — all of these add up to the protective regimen that must be maintained to keep  hospitals from becoming ground zero for epidemics in the United States. Despite these well-known and standardized procedures, many hospital-acquired infections can still be spread through overlooked or hard-to-wash surfaces like bed linens, privacy curtains and upholstered waiting room chairs; or by pure and simple human error. 

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