PurThread Delivers on Promise of High Performance Fabrics

Courtesy the examiner.com. By Rick Limpert, gadget expert

Promises, promises, promises.

All sorts of promises are made to me when I try some new athletic or fitness wear.

PurThread promises protection, pure and simple, along with technology.

These are high tech fabrics that improve on other antimicrobial technologies using safe, natural, germ-fighting silver embedded in the core of the fiber.

Per PurThread:

PurThread's high-performance yarns offer brands the benefits of unmatched antimicrobial protection and odor-killing power without any design hindrances or production hassles.

PurThread is the first to embed silver into the fiber itself before it is spun into yarn and woven into fabrics. This novel technology yields intrinsic antimicrobial benefits that don’t wash off or wear away for the life of the fabric or change the fabric’s physical characteristics.

Where PurThread works best:

  • Workout gear
  • Cycling tops and shorts
  • Yoga pants and tanks
  • Sports bras and undergarments
  • Team uniforms and equipment
  • Golf and tennis apparel
  • Hockey and lacrosse gear
  • Equipment bags
  • Swimwear
  • Intimate apparel and undergarments

I outfitted my 70+-year old father in a PurThread shirt to give it a try. My father is constantly outside. He may be playing tennis, gardening or working in the yard and her was 100% on board with the PurThread technology.

Companies like Under Armour, adidas and Nike have nothing on PurThread when it comes to how a shirt performs.

"Very comfortable and nice fitting," my father said. "When it's hot the shirt keeps cool!"

The breakdown of the shirt is as follows:

72% Polyester, 24% Tencel, 4% Lycra

30% is PurThread.

I review most of the new fiber technology is clothes that are worn by athletes and the PurThread technology scored high in comfort, design, fit and performance.

What they do, per PurThread:

PurThread protects a wide range of consumer, industrial and healthcare products from privacy curtains, scrubs and lab coats, to freshness products, such as performance athletic wear, socks and gear for emergency first responders and the military.

PurThread makes promises and they are spot on when they say their technology feels good, fits well and could make a big difference in many different industries.

The EPA has not yet reviewed any public health claims for PurThread. PurThread yarns are 100% Made in the USA. For more information, visit www.purthread.com.